Coffee Tour with Breakfast, BudaPest, Capital of Hungary

The best morning with us!


We will take you to 3 world class cafés and breakfast bistros. Do you have difficulty getting up? I bet you haven’t had this kind of coffee yet! We kick off the Coffee Tour with Breakfast with a regionnaly selected, domestically roasted coffee made by a professional barista. Our kind tour guide will show you the inner city of Budapest combined with the stop at the café, where you will get breakfast and coffee. The first stop is the café, then refreshment after which we go to the breakfast bistro.


The Coffee Tour with Breakfast includes at least one coffee, fresh orange juice and a full breakfast with our cool guide. 

The Coffee Tour with Breakfast can be ordered from 19 EUR / person. 

You can pay with Paypal or in cash.


Eat, drink, learn  some culture and meanwhile get to know the cafés and breakfast bistros.

We will meet where and when it is convenient for you.

Write to us or call, and we will pick you up!

Things to do in Budapest, Capital of Hungary.



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