Bubbles Bar Tour, Budapest, Capital of Hungary

Riding the bubbles!


Do you like sparkling wines, but you are not sure which Hungarian ones to taste? With the Bubbles Bar Tour we take you on a journey to explore the bubbliest side of Hungarian sparkling wines. There are only a few options, but those are worth every penny. 5 sparkling wine bars explicitly for sparking wine fans.


  • The Bubbles Bar Tour includes 5 glasses of sparkling wine, bites and our cool guide. 
  • The Bubbles Bar Tour can be ordered from 49 EUR / person.
  • You can pay with Paypal or in cash.


Drink, eat, learn  some culture and meanwhile get to know the Hungarian sparkling wines.

We will meet where and when it is convenient for you.

Write to us or call, and we will pick you up!

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