Gastro and Fun with Budapest Mates

Who are The Budapest Mates?

You are the one who come to Budapest to explore the city and try our programs…

…and we are the ones who organize these fun programs in Budapest personally for you.

Who are we?

We are Máté Szokolai and Máté Boldizsár, the Mátés of the Budapest Mates who have been working together in many different places before; such as a first class restaurant, a wine bar and a tour organizer company. We are two friends originally from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. We are professionals of gastronomy and wines, fans of the city life of Budapest and we have plenty of ideas about “what to do in Budapest”.

Who works with us?

We work together with young local staff members who know the city very well and have their own stories of Budapest what they can share with you. They assist you to feel great and give you lots of information (not only) about the city of Budapest when you take part in the programs of Budapest Mates.

What can we offer for you?

We like to drink, eat and play. This is why we offer programs for you under these categories.

Are you interested in the special local beverages and the most interesting pubs? Try the drinking programs. Such as the Wine Bar Tour, the Craft Beer Bar Tour or the most popular Ruin Pub Tour.

Are you a fan of the local culinary? Select the eating programs. Highly recommended ones are the Traditional or the New Line Street Food Tours where we show you the finest and the best quality street foods what you ever tried.

You just simply want to have fun or to jump into the nightlife of Budapest? Have a look at the play section. These are the programs what you can enjoy even on the land, on the water or in the air. The most spectacular programs here are the Helicopter Sightseeing Tour, the Old Timer Luxury Yacht Tour and the Wakeboard on the Danube.

Why are we unique?

  • We are always flexible and we always personalize our programs according to the individual needs.
  • Our prices are reasonable, and we give you the most extras during the programs. We would never let you to be hungry or thirsty.
  • We give you special offers: If you choose three or more different programs we give you 10% discount.
  • We offer the most gastronomical tours in Budapest.
  • Our programs can be interesting for everybody: for groups or individuals, for young or old people, for families or friends, for couples or singles…

What should you do?

  • Choose some of our programs from that webpage before you arrive to Budapest.
  • Write an email or call us, and let us to organize these fantastic programs for you.
  • Enjoy the programs of Budapest Mates in the capital city of Hungary.

How can you contact us?

You can send an email or you can call us any time. We are always ready to answer your questions and organize your programs in Budapest.

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